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This site is a natural history collection of interests, issues, ideas, and concerns pertaining to the biological world. Some are displayed in the glass cases of my writings and photographs, while others are on loan from curators far and wide. The title Bayou-Diversity is a blend of the terms  bayou and biodiversity – bayou because I live in a place saturated with over  400 of these curious watercourses, biodiversity because the well-being of our species is closely linked to this dimension of all life forms. Adhering to the adage of “write what you know,” most artifacts here will have a lower Mississippi Valley bent.  However, a primary maxim of modern environmental education espouses the connectivity of all living things everywhere. For me this site will be a success if it stimulates visitors to consider the likes of how cell phone towers in Virginia, rain forest logging in Peru, natural gas wells in Wyoming, and the conservation of African elephants are connected to the environs of Louisiana bayous. Of course, selling a few books along would help maintain the exhibit hall. To inquire about my books, speaking engagements, or to just chat about the weather, feel free to drop me a line.


About the Blogger

My name is Kelby Ouchley.  I worked as a biologist, federal game warden, and manager of National Wildlife Refuges for 30 years, mostly in Louisiana.  Since retiring I have continued my efforts to promote conservation ethics and education through my writings and speaking engagements.  I have written and narrated a weekly natural history radio program for the public radio station that serves the Ark-La-Miss area (KEDM 90.3 FM) since 1995.  You can listen to some of my audio stories here:   http://kedm.org/programs/bayou-diversity.  My six published books are described on this website.  A while back I received the Governor’s Conservationist of the Year award from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation.  I live with my wife Amy in north Louisiana on the edge of the D’Arbonne Swamp in a cypress house surrounded by white oaks and black hickories.


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