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Nocturnal Migration

Bayou-Diversity (27 October 2018) If someone were to invite me to go birdwatching along the bayou in the middle of the night, I would suspect shenanigans of the mythical snipe hunt. However, such might not be the case as there are opportunities to birdwatch at night in Louisiana. September and October are some of the best times. During this period, fall migration is in full swing, and it is common to see flocks of hawks, vultures and pelicans riding the afternoon thermals. These birds that soar and glide on fixed wings usually migrate during the day to take advantage of vertical updrafts generated when the sun heats the earth. On the other hand, birds that employ wing-flapping flight gen


Bayou-Diversity (21 October 2018) MIGRATION The ridgeline of the roof of my house in the woods is oriented north-south. In October this can be determined without a compass, without watching the sunrise or sunset, and certainly without checking to see which side of the white oaks that moss is growing on. From the back deck one has only to watch the sky through the hole in the canopy above the house. If the timing is right, avian compasses appear in the form of small groups of songbirds. The individuals are bunched tightly together; their flight is hurried and gives the impression of a communal determination. They fly right to left straight down the roof ridgeline and disappear in secon

Bayou-Diversity 2 book is hot off the press!

Bayou-Diversity (6 October 2018) HOT OFF THE PRESS - LSU Press just released my latest book, “Bayou-Diversity 2: Nature & People in the Louisiana Bayou Country.” It is similar in vein to the original “Bayou-Diversity” book. If you enjoy this Facebook blog, you will like the books. This latest book has 134 new stories about Louisiana flora, fauna, conservation, and general natural history. It also includes a fresh array of historical and cultural narratives, personal anecdotes, and reflections of a life in the “Sportsman’s Paradise – Louisiana.” You can find all my books on Amazon at . The new book is on sale there


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