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Louisiana Bison

Bayou-Diversity (16 May 2019) The image of thundering herds of buffalo racing across endless prairies is not one that is often associated with Louisiana, the Bayou State. Historically, though, the scene is not far-fetched. The animals we call buffalo are more correctly termed bison to separate them from true buffalo of Africa and Asia. Early French explorers in Louisiana called them boeuf sauvage – wild ox. Formidable in appearance, the bulls stand six feet high at the pronounced shoulder hump and weigh as much as a ton. Both sexes have a massive head, neck and shoulders, and are robed in a thick, wooly pelage. They were the largest land mammal to inhabit Louisiana in historic times. T

Carrying Capacity

Bayou-Diversity (11 May 2019) Carrying capacity is a fundamental term in the science of ecology. It refers to the maximum number of individuals of any type of plant or animal that an area can support in a healthy, sustainable condition. The availability and quality of food, water, and other habitat parameters determine carrying capacity. It is a concept that is apparently difficult for many people to grasp. Ranchers are not among them. They know how many cows the rocky, forty-acre pasture on the hilltop will support in contrast to the fertile, creek-side pasture of the same size. Wildlife management professionals, on the other hand, often have a hard sale in convincing their constitue

Acting Purposefully

Bayou-Diversity (5 May 2019) That a female indigo bunting recently struck the window beside my desk and didn’t survive bothers me now much more than it once would have. I live in the woods purposefully and choose to have big windows purposefully to quench my thirst for trees when I can’t be outside. Having tried all the rational suggestions to prevent bird strikes, I still kill a few, maybe a half dozen or so a year. Most of the mortality occurs during spring migration, and I am not selective as to species that I dispatch – ruby-throated hummingbird, wood thrush, red-eyed vireo, red-breasted nuthatch, worm-eating warbler. In my head I justify these deaths by the fact that I have register

Award Winning Podcast!

Bayou-Diversity - Home StartFragment IN THE NEWS: During recent AP News Awards, Bayou-Diversity won second place in “Best Podcast, Louisiana – Mississippi.” You can hear the podcasts at: EndFragment


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