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Bayou-Diversity (30 November 2019) GIFT A BOOK! If you enjoy this Bayou-Diversity blog and are in need of holiday gifts for readers, please consider my books. You can find them on Amazon at . In the Monroe, LA area they are in the Black Bayou Lake Natl. Wildlife Refuge gift shop. If you’d like a signed/inscribed copy just contact me via Messenger. Thanks again for following my blog! -Kelby-


Bayou-Diversity (17 November 2019) BARK In humans and other animals a covering of skin serves various functions including protecting the body within. In trees and other woody plants bark can be considered analogous to skin. Like skin, bark is comprised of several layers, some living and some non-living. The outermost layer is called cork and does not consist of living cells. It is usually impermeable to water and gases. Moving inward, specialized layers of living cells perform critical functions including the transport of nutrients. The nutrients are manufactured via photosynthesis in the leaves or needles and flow through sieve-like tubes throughout the rest of the plant. Humans have


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