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Bayou-Diversity 2 book is hot off the press!

Bayou-Diversity (6 October 2018) HOT OFF THE PRESS - LSU Press just released my latest book, “Bayou-Diversity 2: Nature & People in the Louisiana Bayou Country.” It is similar in vein to the original “Bayou-Diversity” book. If you enjoy this Facebook blog, you will like the books. This latest book has 134 new stories about Louisiana flora, fauna, conservation, and general natural history. It also includes a fresh array of historical and cultural narratives, personal anecdotes, and reflections of a life in the “Sportsman’s Paradise – Louisiana.” You can find all my books on Amazon at . The new book is on sale there now at least until Tuesday, Oct. 10 (the official release date) at a price lower than I can buy them from the publisher. If you’d like a signed/inscribed copy just contact me via Messenger. Thanks for following my Bayou-Diversity blog! -Kelby-


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